The Only Growth Agency That Won’t Cost You A Dime.

Growth Call

The Only Growth Agency That Won’t Cost You A Dime.

Growth Call

$3BN+ Revenue Generated

600+ Companies Scaled

$1BN+ AdSpend Managed

$2BN+ Exit Events

We help businesses unlock their full marketing potential.

We help you navigate the challenges of growing a sustainable business long-term, increasing revenue while keeping healthy profit margins - always at your side, never in your wallet.

The Problem
Where Most Businesses Fail.
Today‘s marketing world is incredibly chaotic. Inbound, Outbound, Branding, SEO, Ads, Content, the list of marketing approaches doesn‘t end.

Companies often fail to choose the ONE right marketing solution for their specific product/service, therefore wasting
a lot of valuable time and resources.
We are here to solve this exact problem once and for all.
Step 1
Finding The Ideal Solution.
We begin by helping you identify that ONE marketing solution that is best suited to grow your specific business.
After precisely nailing down your solution, we then transition into the implementation phase.

This is where our approach takes a unique turn...
Step 2
Implementing The Ideal Solution.
While we are experts at finding the ideal marketing solution for you, claiming we can implement every single strategy to perfection just wouldn’t be fair.

It is simply a fact that no single agency can excel at EVERY marketing approach!

That is why we dedicated the last 4 years to building a curated network of niche marketing agencies - all experts at their specific craft, with excellent track records.

After finding the right marketing solution together, we will tap into this network and match you with the one agency that PRECISELY fits your business needs.
Step 3
Limitless Business Growth.
The successful execution of the initial marketing solution is only our first win together.

After implementing it, we will then identify the next optimal step to keep breaking your growth barriers.
Then the next. And the next. Hand in hand we will push through all limits together, always aiming one way - upward.
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How We Make Growth Real.

An Approach tailored to you.

After finding the right growth strategy together, we tap into our network of partner agencies - all experts at their specific craft, with proven track records - and match you with the one that precisely fits your needs.

We firmly believe that no single agency can excel at every marketing tactic. If you’re good at many things, you can’t be great at anything.

So with us, you’ll never be burnt by a mediocre full-service agency again!


Our Promise

We will help you find the TRULY BEST marketing solution for your business & connect you with the ideal agency to implement it - all within 2 weeks, at NO COST.


We will help you find the TRULY BEST marketing solution for your business & connect you with the ideal agency to implement it - all within 2 weeks, at no cost to you.

A Transparent partnership

Our Zero-Cost Commitment.

You will never pay us a single dollar. No exceptions.
We will be compensated by our partner agencies - but only in case that
the connection we create is a perfect win-win for both you and them.

This means, if we aren’t able to help you find the perfect marketing
solution for your business + the ideal agency to implement it, we simply
won’t make any money - at all.

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THE Crème de la Crème

Our Network Of Agencies.

Results That Speak For Themselves

$3BN+ Revenue

$1BN+ AdSpend

$2BN+ Exit Events

We have handpicked and pre-qualified the best of the best marketing agencies in the world.

We sleep peacefully at night knowing you’re in good hands!

Each with impeccable track records & exceptional case studies, our partners are ALL leading experts at their one specific craft - with the mission to see you win.

The best thing: Our network of agencies covers everyone in B2B & B2C, from small local shops and medium-sized businesses to big international enterprises.

→ No matter who you are or what your current growth lever is, we can help you thrive.

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A look behind the curtain.

Introducing a few of our 50+ marketing partners

Woodmill Strategy places Fractional CMOs into companies’ ecosystem and helps them increase EBITDA and bottom-line revenue. They have contributed to over $1bn in company exit events in the last 7 years. Most recently, they helped Factor_ scale and get acquired by Hello Fresh for $277M.

Woven*TGA are absolute experts at scaling Ecommerce brands. They have grown dozens of companies to 9-figures per year and have generated over $350 million for their clients. One of Woven*TGA’s recent successes is Aavia, whose revenue they increased by 300%, while reducing their cost per purchase by 60%.

When it comes to unified branding & messaging systems, Adjy is the ideal partner.Their creative perspective & execution led to multiple 9-figure exit events for their clients over the last 8 years. Just recently, they helped Navint scale and get acquired by multi-billion-dollar tech company Globant.

If there’s an agency that understands marketing data, it’s Admind Analytics. They know exactly how to maximize the impact of big advertising budgets in the most cost-efficient way possible. Over the last 7 years, they've empowered 300+ companies (including Columbia & Stanford University) to unlock the full potential of over $1bn in marketing budget.

“We only have one mission - helping companies reach their full growth potential by creating perfect win-win connections.”


The Leadership Team.

Alexander Helmut

Chief Executive Officer

Expert in Ads & Outbound Marketing

At the age of 15, Alex started his business journey, founding his first marketing agency in the E-Com & DTC space. Just 4 months in, he was able to generate his first 7-figures in revenue for his clients.
After seven years in marketing and collaborating with companies & influencers across 35+ different industries, he now makes use of his battle-tested marketing skills to impact his clients with RisePartner.

Patrick Breitenstein

Chief Marketing Officer

Expert in Inbound Marketing & SEO

Patrick founded a tutoring company named TutorBoost - connecting students with their fitting teachers around the globe. He turned this into a fully automated traffic stream that led to thousands of leads and 10s of millions of impressions without ever spending a dime on marketing. This skill helped him build a noteworthy reputation in the marketing space, enabling him to consult major companies in inbound marketing for nearly half a century.  

Gabriel González

Chief Operating Officer

Expert in Social Media & Content

In 2018, Gabriel founded the Instagram Marketing Agency Thrive Socials. Over the course of 6 years, he helped over 3,000 clients grow 8+ million followers,  mastering content and Social Media. During that time he noticed there was one aspect about Instagram he resonated with the most - building valuable connections. It’s this realization, as well as his clear "win-win or no deal" philosophy, that eventually led to co-founding RisePartner.

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