More Customers. More
Revenue. More Growth.

Find the objectively best-suited marketing solution to 2-5x your customer inflow
within 45 minutes & at NO COST.

Find the objectively best-suited marketing solution to 2-5x your customer inflow – within 45 minutes & at NO COST.

45-min Growth Call*

*Not a discovery call - Literally our only service!

No Selling Involved

No Cost - Forever

Unbiased Experts

Ferdinand Weigel
CEO & Founder

"I was super skeptical of the no-cost thing [...] but glad I gave them a chance. Their no-cost approach is really unique!"

Stefan Alischer
Founder & CEO

"RisePartner helped us 4x our marketing results within one month. I'd recommend everyone to jump on a call with them."

Sue Degram
VP of Marketing

“They helped me figure out the one solution for our business to stand out against our main competitor Nvidia.”

We Help Businesses Navigate The Chaotic World Of Marketing.
The Goal - Finding The
Optimal Strategy To Maximize Your Customer Inflow.


Today’s marketing landscape is flooded with options.

Not only are there 100s of different solutions, but also 1,000s of biased agencies - all aggressively selling THEIR SOLUTION as “the one”.

So how do you know which marketing solution is OBJECTIVELY the right one to grow specifically your business?

The Answer

There’s only one way to remain 100% unbiased while pinpointing your ideal solution:

By not having ANY services to sell.

That’s RisePartner.

Our no-cost process ensures we’ll identify the ONE right solution that will boost your growth.
(shielding you from untrustworthy agencies)




The Growth Call


The Implementation


The Growth Call

After helping 1,000s of businesses scale, we’ve developed a proven growth system (preview on the left).

This comprehensive framework covers EVERY SOLUTION in marketing & sales.

Its sole purpose - Pinpointing the objectively right one for your business.

By the end of this free 45-min call, you’ll walk away not only with that solution, but with a clear roadmap & vision of how to significantly grow your customer base.

Let's dive deep and talk growth!

Growth Call

The power of our service lies in being 100% unbiased, thus we will NEVER sell nor implement ANY service ourselves.

Now, since no one can excel at every marketing solution, we’ve built a pre-qualified network of the best marketing specialists in the world - all experts in their one specific craft.

So, after having found your ideal solution, you decide whether you want to...

a) implement it yourself
b) choose to be introduced to the best-fitting specialist to discuss synergies.

Our Network


The Implementation

The RisePartner Promise

Our consultation & connection process is completely free - forever.

Within 45 minutes, we will identify the truly best-suited marketing solution to maximize your customer inflow.

Let's Talk Growth.

Join 1,000s of small & large businesses around the globe that our network has scaled successfully.

45-min Growth Call

OUr Model

No-Cost Explained

•  How We Are Compensated

You will never pay us a single dollar. No exceptions.

We are compensated by the specialist from our network whom we introduce you to.

There is no pressure on you to work with them though. We could simply facilitate the introduction, enabling you to explore potential synergies - without any commitment.

Why We Are 100% Unbiased

All specialists in our network compensate us in the same way for introductions, ensuring our advice always remains fully objective.

Furthermore, since we don’t have any service to sell ourselves, we’re not biased towards any marketing solution (unlike most agencies).

• Why Your Success Is Our Success

Our no-cost approach is designed to put you first. We only benefit when YOU find the right solution that genuinely helps your business grow.

This motivates us to put YOUR SUCCESS at the forefront of everything we do.

Discover how to unlock a steady customer inflow for your business.

Find Your Solution

Chris Brantley

“This call was very valuable! [...] I’m doing marketing blindly and spend hours every week trying to figure it out... Now I know what is really necessary!”

David Pelly

“They have a sincerity and a genuine desire to help - and I absolutely love that. I’m very psyched to take the next steps!”

Peter Bagi
Founder & CEO

“With their tips, I now have regular video calls with prospects. They are really top-notch and yes, you won't find consultants like that again.”


A Model Focused On You


Real People - Real Stories

Christian Kleemann

“Why constantly [...] find good marketing strategies? Why not fall back on the knowledge of someone who already has much more experience? [...] I can totally recommend them!”

Steven Seifried
President & Owner

"I absolutely didn’t know what I need in marketing [...] I was tired of being sold on everything [...] RisePartner was incredibly valuable for me! [...] The solution that you were laying out makes a ton a sense!”

Jennifer Weigand
Owner & CEO
JW Finance Coaching

“Through this I am much clearer in how to position myself [...] a big praise to them. I just had the feeling I am really in professional hands and truly seen in my entirety - thank you thank you!”

Jen Preißer
Head Of Marketing

“Their consultation is truly legendary. They helped me a lot in organic marketing [...] they do it in such a great way that it’s a lot of fun working with them.”

Jannis Krenn
Owner & CEO

“I can 100% recommend working with them. They don't limit themselves to the bare essentials, but really go all out to get the best results possible!”

Raymond Sobieski

"The introduction to one of their specialists was very quick & efficient. Within a few days we had a call and found a project we could work together on. They did not try to sell us something!"

Hakan Fragapane
FlashSites Web Performance

“They have more than mastered marketing. Be it LinkedIn, Google or YouTube. [...] They bring it across in such a relaxed way that it's super nice to work with them!”

Elisabet Bästlein

“I wish everyone with questions about marketing & sales had a consultant like that on their side.”

Ray Baker

"The team has been nothing short but amazing. They really helped me understand marketing & get to another level with my business."


Book Your Growth Call

"Loved working with RisePartner. [...] great value and they can truly help your company rise from wherever you are."


“They have an excellent ability to dive deep into a business, to understand the core topics in the shortest possible time and then to transform them into suitable marketing in an absolutely charming way!”

Thomas Vogt

“This call was very valuable because we don’t have a lot of experience in marketing. They gave us some great ideas on how we can tackle things.”

Matej Hertis

“RisePartner is very professional! They were able to pick up exactly what my business needs to do in order to grow in terms of revenue & more clients in a very short time.”

June Blackbyrne

Receive unbiased business advice - at zero cost & without any selling pressure!

RisePartner Marketing LLC

Dedicated to clean up the mess in the marketing world - with our unbiased advice & pre-qualified marketing partners.


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