Ferdinand Weigel
CEO @ Wyse Automation

"I was very skeptical of the no-cost thing, that’s usually just a gimmick.. But glad I gave them a chance. Their no-cost approach is really unique!"

Stefan Alischer
CEO @ Status Alpha

"RisePartner helped us 4x our marketing results within one month. I'd recommend everyone to jump on a call with them."

Ray Baker
CEO @ BeatBakery

"[...] The team has been nothing short but amazing. They really helped me to get to another level with my business."

We Put Win-Win At The Center Of Everything We Do


Finding The Ideal Solution


Implementing The Solution


Limitless Business Growth

Finding The Ideal Solution

Companies are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of marketing solutions nowadays, and thus end up investing into an approach that doesn’t fit their specific product/service.This leads to loss of their valuable resources (money & time).In the first step we identify the ONE marketing solution together which is best suited to grow your specific business.

Implementing The Solution

We’ll then match you with the perfect agency for your EXACT business needs (based on the solution we found together).We have handpicked and pre-qualified the best of the best marketing agencies in the world, all experts at their specific craft.A non-negotiable for us: They all have impeccable track records & exceptional case studies.

Limitless Business Growth

After the successful execution of the initial business growth measure, we don’t stop. We identify the next optimal step to achieve your objective.Then the next. And the next. Hand in hand we push through all limits together, always aiming one way - upward.

The Problem

Nowadays, most marketing companies put their own profits first.

Their main intention is to aggressively sell you their services, regardless of what your business actually needs to succeed.

The Solution

This win-lose mentality is simply wrong.
Your success & what your business needs should be #1 priority.

And that's where we come in...


The RisePartner Win-Win System


Your Ideal Solution


The Right Specialist

Limitless Growth

Your Ideal Solution

During our initial consultation call, we’ll identify THE ONE marketing solution which is truly best-suited to grow your specific business.

The impact:
Pinpointing the right growth-lever is usually the difference between stagnating and 3-5xing your revenue.

The Right Specialist

We’ve saved you months of trial & error by pre-qualifiying a network of the best marketing specialists in the world.

Only AFTER finding the right solution, we’ll match & introduce you to the specialist who has mastered that EXACT solution.

If you see synergies, you can work with them - but don’t have to.

Limitless Growth

We’re always at your side, continuously helping you identify the right growth lever at the right time - at no cost.

The objective - exponential growth.

If just the initial growth lever can 3-5x your results, imagine the compound effect of choosing the right one for the next 3 years.

Ready For Your Consultation?

Join the 1,200+ Companies our network has grown successfully.


The Old & Broken Way

Companies get pitched by new agencies & self-proclaimed marketing experts every day trying to sell them “The Next Big Thing”, a solution that is supposed to solve all their marketing & sales problems overnight.

These service providers don’t properly assess if they can genuinely help.

Much less determine the marketing solution that is TRULY best-suited for the specific business they are pitching to.
(Thus seldom deliver on their original promise of delivering results.)

This unfortunately has repercussions: Most business owners have been burned before, lose trust & hope in marketers or end up hiring in-house, which is both time-intensive & costly.

The New & Better Way

Our mission is to revolutionize the marketing world by moving away from outdated practices toward a new & better way:  
Making a “win-win” philosophy the center of everything we do.

This approach is designed to guarantee success for everyone involved (not just the marketing providers).

At the heart of this mission is our dedication to exceptional customer results.

Achieving such results requires working with marketing specialists who've got both the know-how and the real-world successes as well as industry-specific case studies to prove it.

That is why, we will actually help identify the RIGHT solution FIRST (in a non-biased way!), before creating the connection to the ideal marketing expert from our network of specialists.

Our win-win connections not only exponentially increase the likelihood of success but also highlight the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of outdated business practices.

Our Philosophy

The NewBetter Way

At RisePartner, we believe client results & satisfaction should come first.

Our match-making process is designed to eliminate scammy marketing companies with bad results, ensuring a true win-win situation.


Why Choose The New Way?


Zero Risk

You will NEVER pay us a single dollar. We stay on your side as expert marketing advisors longterm - without charging you.



We don't rely on any single agency or have pressure to sell you on anything, but rather give you an unbiased perspective.


Win Win

We only win if you win! If we don't find a solution that precisely fits your needs - we get $0.


1A Selection

We've already selected the best agencies for you - saving you months if not years of trial & error and pre-qualifying work.


Niche Focus

We have handpicked the best niche agencies & specialists in the world. There is no full-service that excels at all marketing approaches.



We can provide you with unbiased advice as well as the perfect agency for any of your growth objectives. At the exact right time - Whenever you need us.


Why Choose The New Way?

A True Deep Dive

In order to pinpoint the Ideal Solution for your exact business in the first place, we will first break down your business in it’s core components during our RisePartner Value Call.

This deep dive will help us understand your business better, identify challenges and determine what your business currently needs to grow.

After advising over 3000+ different businesses, we have established a predictable & tailored approach to helping accelerate business growth.

Whether you are a small local bakery in New York or a $500M/year SaaS platform (or anything in-between), we can support you.

By the end of this call, you won't just have a clearer vision of what your business requires to scale; you'll walk away with a specific roadmap and the ONE marketing solution tailored to ensure your success.

Offer Creation

Lead Generation



Analytics & Systems


Raymond Sobieski
CEO @ Report It

"The introduction to one of their specialists was very quick and efficient. Within a few days we had a call and found a project we could work together on. They did not try to sell us something we did not need."

Nick Maciel
CEO @ Cadversity

"This call was super transformational in that the amount of perspective change in such a short period of time and for free is what’s going to be necessary to move the needle in my business. [...]"

Sue Degram
CEO @ AdaptiveComputing

"This call was very valuable for me. [...]
Especially where we could improve the way we educate potential prospects was very helpful."


A True Deep Dive

1. Identifying Your Roadblocks

After working with thousands of businesses in recent years, we have gained a deep understanding which exact roadblocks hinder businesses to grow.

Using our battle-tested growth framework, we will first dissect your business and analyze it thoroughly. (Offer, KPI’s, Systems etc.)

2. Pinpointing The Best Solution

Based on the previously identified roadblocks, it’s now time to dive deeper.

Together, we will pinpoint exactly which solution is best-suited to accelerate growth in your specific situation.

3. Connection To The Ideal Specialist

After having found the ideal solution, we'll connect you to a marketing specialist from our network who’s the perfect fit to execute on it.

When selecting the specialist, we also consider other factors (like the specialist’s experience in your industry).

The objective - maximizing the likelihood of synergies between you two.

Let us help you solve your current growth challenges - it’s free.

Let's Dive Deep


Our Network Of Specialists

1200+ Companies

$3BN+ Revenue

200+ Industries

In the last 4 years, we have handpicked and pre-qualified the best of the best marketing specialists in the world, ranging from big niche-agencies to individual consultants

Every single specialist in our network:
- is a leading expert at their one specific craft
- has an impeccable track record & exceptional case studies
- goes through a comprehensive evaluation process to be able to qualify      
(& is re-evaluated on an ongoing basis)

What all have in common - the mission to see you win.

We sleep peacefully at night knowing you're in good hands!

The Rise Value Call

Receive unbiased expert business advice from us - with 0 selling pressure & at no cost!

RisePartner Marketing LLC

Dedicated to clean up the mess in the marketing world - with our unbiased advice & pre-qualified marketing partners.


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